The poetry piece "Relax The Word" was restructured by I Will I . And picked to be included on this CD full of fine acts including Heaven Falls Hard, Omewenne, Crush Violets and Gitane Demone and  Antiworld.

"The Ever Dawn" was picked by Cleopatra Records to be included. The song was recorded with Philly's own David E Williams.

GRASPING THE UNCLUTURE - was a 3 song demo that was recorded with Nicole Bozzomo (guitar) and David E Williams (keyboards).The demo appears as apart of the first CD. Artwork by Todd Kelly who lived directly through the cemetery from me oddly enough joining our properties. Released summer of 1996. A limited pressing of 200. Gained airplay when I placed it on the seats of Philadlephia Radio show Y100 during a concert. The following week it started a 6 month rotation on the morning show with DJ Paul Barsky. He coined me "The Goth Guy" and I would call in when the conversation turned toward the darkside. I was invited to event and on air. It was a great experience!

With a mixture of dark folk tales, harsh noise and rock The Pope's Ring was hard to pin down but fit nicely in the Goth/Experimental sections of record stores. It was released in 1997 and recorded at Big Sky Studios in Springfield, PA at the suggestion of Philly based artist David E Williams.

The band's  name stems from a lesson given by an old friend that stated "You are only here for so long so you must tell yourself over and over I will accomplish this then I will accomplish that."

 And for it's time I Will I did put it's little mark on the world. Radio play on Philly radio station Y100, CBGB'S, various compilations and probably their biggest compliment of being included on the Goth Box DVD by Cleopatra Records. 

Songs  can be heard on Spotify and can be yours through  iTunes or Amazon.

Here the latest song below. NOTE This pic is of a real house just below Stockton, NJ. That is exactly how it looked when taken at night. The fence and pumpkins are placed to celebrate the song!

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I Will I were a Gothic Rock/Experimental band that played live shows from 1996 to 2002. They were based out of Philadelphia and released one cassette demo (Grasping The Unculture) and one CD (The Pope's Ring Is Made Of Stolen Gold). Other releases they are featured on include, The Unquiet Grave, The Goth Box DVD, Beneath The Tides Compilation, and The Tongue Achieves The Dialect (Rozz Williams Tribute). Bassist and vocalist John Begley was also known as Philadelphia Radio Y100's "Goth Guy". During the same period he played recorded with other Philadelphia based artists such as Live Not On Evil, David E Williams and Necromantik Sunshine. I Will I side projects include Vasarian's Dream and The Stem Cells. In August 2008 I Will I filmed a video for their track "Wilted Love" (see below).. Their second CD "Resurfaced Faces" has yet to be released. The band had two female singers, Brenda Dodd and Sarah Houtz. Mike Demonte and Tito Altamar played guitar and John's twin brother Joe played drums. Any future recording and releases wil be through either 1890 Media  or Prophase Music (Demonte's record label).Hear and purchase I Will I songs on iTunes or Amazon.

Beneath The Tides was a Philly based compilation with national and international acts such as Gitane Demone, T.N.V. (Athan Maroulis), Penis Fly Trap, Charnel Whorehouse, and Autumn Tears. Philly was going under it's biggest surge of Goth as I was then working under the  name Darkscapes Productions  I produced BNT and also secured a two song recording for the deal. I Will I's song "A Funeral Song" appears here. The comp was accompanied by a show at JC Dobbs in Philly with 7 of the acts playing. Out of print. Now a collectors item. Other acts that I appeared with on the CD included Live Not On Evil and Necromantik Sunshine. Instead of  financial payment I thought it best to take payment in recording time.The second song from the deal appears on the Rozz Williams tribute seen below. To further note once out of my hands and to the printers the label failed to secure a bar code. Instead of reprinting they decided to get a sticker that wouldn't hold up in time and therefore the compilation was turned down by numerous distributors. I do thank everyone in Philly that helped at the time including Gary Grant, Helen Thompson of City Paper, Patrick Rodgers of then Dancing Ferret Records, and my then partner in crime DJ Schmitty of Darkwave Produktions.

The most well known piece I Will I has been on. "Wilted Love" appears as apart of the bonus audio tracks.We were (and still) are so delighted to be included with such great acts!

The song "Wilted Love" appears in the  company credits for Cult DVD (Producer Stuart Shapiro) at the beginning of the film on the original release in 2001.  Johnny Depp, Dennis Hopper and Seymour Cassel star in this "insider joke" that got a 6 on Rotten Tomatoes.

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