European released vinyl that included the track.
 " The Angels." covered by Necromantik Sunshine.

     NEWS - June 2018

" Hurt is shifted up a few gears by Necromantik Sunshine, making the build of the original somewhat frantic as well as terrifying." - Everything on the Necro cover.

The first demo recorded on 4-track .

            Johnny Graveyard

                 Ceesen Desist

Brian and Adian Caine stand by fan graffiti..

Philadelphia based Electro-Death group Necromantik Sunshine 2018 is on the rise and has an unreleased track entitled "Decay" to be included  on the upcoming 1890 Media compilation.  Until then, get another taste of "Possession" below. Find the rest on You Tube!


                                       Brian Bordello 1978-2015     R.I.P.



Pictured left is the first compilation that Necro appeared on; Beneath The Tides. Philly based with national and international acts such as Gitane Demone, T.N.V. (Athan Maroulis), Penis Fly Trap, Charnel Whorehouse, and Autumn Tears. The second picture is of John Begley  (Johnny Graveyard  in Necro) as it appears on the inner sleeve as he was working for a local record label. With the surge of Goth going on in Philly during that time proves the saying "Right place, right time." As BNT was produced  it secured  numerous songs for Necro's  line up  "Pink". for NS,  for Media Virus by Adian Caine, tracks by I Will I and Live Not On Evil ( both Begley) As well as E.V.P. by gutiarist Ceesen Desist .The comp was accompanied by a show at JC Dobbs in Philly with 7 of the acts playing. Out of print. Now a collectors item.

The Pain Of Pleasure CD.

Track "Necromantik Sunshine" appears along with other great artists on Cleopatra Records.

​          The Band


              Midnight 666

"Necromantik Sunshine" title track makes it's first Cleopatra compilation appearance.

 1890 Media